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IPTV / Internet TV Spain - guide & explanation

IPTV / Internet TV Spain - guide & explanation

Postby Paul - TV Techie » Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:37 am

Information & General explanation of IPTV services & systems

Subscription free IPTV, is reliant on what is freely available on the internet.

Subscription based you are paying a provider to host the content and to provide a
standardised quality of service, combined with related software & set top box.

Internet Speed

In Spain & other parts of Europe, it should not be taken for granted that your local
internet speed will suitable for streaming TV. If compared to the UK and other
Northern European countries with fibre optic internet, large parts of the
telecommunications infrastructure in Spain & other parts of Europe can be slower.

Depending on the speed of your internet, this will impact the picture quality.
Usually between 2 - 2.5 meg stable download speed would be required for good
quality (though not HD) TV streaming. At this level you will receive at most standard
definition television & in some instances slightly higher.

Present forms of encoding used by most service providers use a compression system
called H.264 and to receive High Definition using this format speeds of around 5+
meg download speeds are likely to be required. Newer compression H.265 is just
around the corner, though most present equipment is not using this.
There are a number of exaggerated claims being made with IPTV performance.
Service providers claiming full HD quality from a 2 meg internet connection, are not
providing accurate information.

Very low internet speed or stability concerns?

New to the market are 'low bandwidth' subscription services. These can work on
internet speeds as low as 0.7 meg. This requires specific decoding and service which
not all current equipment offers and would usually require a higher speed for UK TV
channel streaming. Not all hardware presently being sold for IPTV is capable of this
as new service.

TV picture quality perfectly viewable on large televisions, however is not as good as
faster internet systems or full HD. We will be offering our own 'dual' speed system
shortly which allows both options for the higher and lower internet speeds.

Satellite TV vs Internet TV

Generally if both options are available, Satellite TV is recommended.
With satellite systems, there are no restrictions with bandwidth or internet speeds nor
need for the internet itself - though optional for additional functions.

Satellite technology is a more established & is an original non compressed service.
Generally satellite receiver set top boxes are easier to use, offer a quicker channel
change, higher quality viewing experience and for free to air TV, no monthly
subscriptions are required.

If you cannot utilise a satellite dish in your specific location, then IPTV offers a good
alternative solution.

For English language speakers satellites being used are presently 2E, 2F & Eutelsat
28A all at 28 degrees east.

Catch up TV

Many expatriates are unfamiliar with catch up TV, as these type of services may be
familiar to UK users, however those overseas have traditionally been 'locked out' due
to geographic regional blocking from UK service providers - such as BBC iplayer

Certain subscription based IPTV solutions offer catch up TV - this allows you to scroll
back through the electronic program guide, day, date, then select program, then just
watch as if you have recorded.

This allows you freedom from a TV schedule, as there is no need to be in at 8PM to
watch Eastenders or your favourite program - you can watch it any time, without
needing to record it.

IPTV systems vs Smart Televisions

IPTV also offers an interesting alternative to Smart Televisions - the subscription free
version allowing you to connect to any television & will offer more features and
channel reception options at less cost, than any mainstream smart TV. IPTV systems
can also be used as a complimentary service to an existing satellite or other TV
system to expand overall content & channel viewing options.
For those considering using UK smart televisions in Spain, this will not allow you
access to BBCiplayer or the other UK catch up TV services as these are geographically

As soon as TV is connected to internet in Spain, the Spanish IP address will be
detected. This limits many of the functions for expatriate users of smart TV's. There is
a 'work around' for this using a UK VPN, combined with a DD-WRT router - in short
you would need to spend a reasonable sum of money on top of the smart TV to access
this type of additional 'UK specific' content as will require additional equipment
(router), subscription (for DD-WRT router UK VPN service) & someone to set this up.

Wi Fi or Cable connection?

When trying to obtain the best internet speed possible, there can be speed losses
associated with using Wi Fi. This will depend on distance or placement of router, in
relation to the IPTV set top box. Losses in speed can be between 10% - 50%. When
using IPTV the fastest internet connection possible is the most important factor for
picture quality and stability.

We recommend using equipment that can accept a direct hard wire (Cat 5) cable
connection - same type as your router / PC. Many 'wireless' IPTV options, simpy do
not work that well in every type of property. Wi Fi does not travel well through walls or
floors, as all properties are different - accurate transmission speeds cannot be

IPTV System - subscription based

These type of systems are closest in use to a traditional type set top box.
A receiver is supplied, which you connect cable directly to your router (or wi fi dongle
connected through USB ports) & offers the standard menu type system of this

This is a paid for & hosted service, so streams should be stable and certain boxes will
also auto update, making this the most simple to use & basic way of receiving UK &
other Northern European TV without a satellite dish in most locations throughout the

Pros: Easiest system to use. Ideal for all users wanting a simple interface. As
streams are paid for & remain the same, they should stable and offer a standardised
quality / resolution. Multi Lingual options.

Good for those looking for an easy to use, TV solution. No requirement to be
technically minded.

7 day program guide, similar to UK Sky or Freesat
Catch up TV is also available with some service providers
Video on demand is also available with some service providers

Cons: You pay a yearly or monthly fee for the service provided. Usually €15 - €50 per
month depending on package, some offer just the UK free to air terrestrial channels,
other packages offer premium content, similar that to Freesat & Sky UK.

IPTV System - subscription Free IPTV

This type of system offers a great deal of flexibility and channel options, however use
is different to a traditional set top box & may take a little familiarisation. This
equipment is more technical to use than the subscription based options - which offer a
'locked down' operating system.

There are also a larger choice of these type of systems, most of which have
customisable software and applications. User experience will be determined by
performance & specification of hardware, interface will vary upon how equipment has
been set up with software as well as what additional applications have been installed.

In most instances set top boxes are set up differently between retailers & the correct
software to access all required content is not always set up on hardware.

Much like your PC or smart phone, the specification of this type of hardware will affect
overall useage - so an IPTV box with a slow processor and a small amount of memory,
will be slower to use than a more powerful device, with faster processor & more
memory. This can affect overall use considerably.

Some of this type of equipment offers additional functionality which includes web
browsing, accessing your emails, facebook, calendar, games & other applications.
To access this type of additional functionality also requires careful selection of input
device as a standard remote control (usually supplied), which is o.k for the basic TV, is
not usually suitable for web browsing, games & the other multimedia functions. These
usually require a mouse or keyboard to give you access to the full feature set.

Pros: Free TV, with correct equipment & controller can also use as a powerful
multimedia device. 1000's of streamed channels, including all main UK terrestrial
stations & access to online films, series & more. Multimedia facilities - email, web
browsing, calendar, games & applications.
Customisable features & open source software. Content & free software development.
Can be set up to auto update.

Cons: Technical use - This equipment is nearer a smartphone or PC. More technical in
use in comparison to a traditional set top box. For those who have concerns over
technical use, then recommend review subscription based options. Not suitable for
rental properties as 'walking fingers' can cause potential headaches, as software not
as simple as satellite, cable or subscription based receivers.

Quality can be variable some streams are in HD, others SD or below. You are not
paying for the service or streams, so these can change as can software. This can lead
to temporary loss of channel or specific (not all) applications. Software and
applications being added continually giving good future expansion & facilities. Whilst
sports streams are available again quality is highly variable (remember the content is
all free) - be wary of slick marketing that promises 'all of Sky sport HD' etc - as this is
exaggerated, quality is not comparable.

Channels & eco system are slower to navigate between in comparison to the
alternative premium or subscription IPTV set top box with a hosted / paid for service.

Update: Features such as UK Netflix & BBC iplayer are available overseas with a VPN
service which can be added in to this type of subscription free equipment. VPN
services for this use are subscription based.

Which would be the most suitable IPTV option for my use?

Subscription Free IPTV

If you do not wish to pay monthly subscription fees for your UK TV & are prepared to
spend a little additional time familiarising yourself with a new type of system, then the
subscription free method offers more flexibility than many traditional systems.
If just using for basic TV, then use is quite straightforward. To utilise additional multi
media content & applications, then this is more like using a simplified smart phone,
tablet or PC, than a traditional set top box.

A wireless mouse or keyboard will maximise the potential use if you wish to use
additional multimedia features. Not all set top boxes offer the additional multimedia
functions or will allow application freely to be downloaded.

If you would like to add additional functionality to your existing television - the
subscription free smart IPTV boxes offer much greater functionality & free channel
options than offered on smart TV's and are far cheaper to purchase than a smart TV!
This may not be suitable for rental apartments or users who are looking for the
simplest technical solution – it is not the same as a Sky UK satellite receiver.

Economy IPTV & low bandwidth services

If you require all the main UK terrestrial channels, a simple to use solution.
If you have any concerns over internet speeds & low band width option will give you
the 'back up' option if you find speeds drop.

Economy solutions generally offer an easy to use interface, requiring no technical
knowledge. Includes guaranteed channel selection, catch up TV, 7 day program guide.
There is a monthly fee, though sometimes packaged with 3, 4, 6 or 12 months. Service
provider hosts the channels which is the service you would be paying for. Channels will
all be of a standardised good quality.

Premium package set top box & service

As above though in addition to the UK terrestrial channels, offers additional premium
content channels & packages. Some premium packages offer more flexibility in
monthly payment structures - depending on service provider.

Resource (+34) 865774055
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Paul - TV Techie
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Re: IPTV / Internet TV Spain - guide & explanation

Postby Gary&Wendy » Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:40 pm

I am hoping that somebody could put us in touch with a reliable person to set up our TV system. We are new to Quesada and the home we have bought has a confusing array of cables and dishes that I am unable to get any kind of picture from.

We had made an appointment with a local British man who simply just didn't turn up so a reliable person this time would be helpful. On another thread I heard about a man called Graham who is based at the electrical repair store not far from the Arches but when we went there his shop was shuttered up.

Any contacts or suggestions would be very welcome.
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Re: IPTV / Internet TV Spain - guide & explanation

Postby mariarose » Thu Jun 05, 2014 5:44 pm

Hello Gary and Wendy

My husband and I are moving up to Quesada next week and we need the internet and TV, did you manage to find someone reliable as we are having difficulties to :0(

Many thanks in advance :0)
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Re: IPTV / Internet TV Spain - guide & explanation

Postby clivespana » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:18 am

This post by Paul TV Techie is so informative it should be put in a special place for so many people who are always looking for the best way of getting TV. Is there a special area that this can be accessed? After a while this will be forgotten if just left in this message area.

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Re: IPTV / Internet TV Spain - guide & explanation

Postby Jan » Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:35 am

clivespana wrote:This post by Paul TV Techie is so informative it should be put in a special place for so many people who are always looking for the best way of getting TV. Is there a special area that this can be accessed? After a while this will be forgotten if just left in this message area.


Thank you for this idea - We always like to hear suggestions from our members and will look into it.

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Re: IPTV / Internet TV Spain - guide & explanation

Postby Alex » Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:40 am

Thanks for your suggestion. We've now pinned it to the top of this forum so that it doesn't get lost
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Re: IPTV / Internet TV Spain - guide & explanation

Postby Jakmob » Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:44 am

Hi we are moving to Quesada on the 26th February. We require good speed internet only at the property. Can you recommend someone so that we can book it, and would you know how much it would cost monthly?
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Re: IPTV / Internet TV Spain - guide & explanation

Postby walnut » Sun Feb 21, 2016 2:31 pm

I have used tvtechie paul for a number of years and have always found him and his team to be reliable,prompt,trustworthy and very professional.
He can be contacted via his advert on this forum,television technology.
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Re: IPTV / Internet TV Spain - guide & explanation

Postby freddo » Sun Feb 21, 2016 3:54 pm

Paul is called Graham I believe and is 100% Kosher
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Re: IPTV / Internet TV Spain - guide & explanation

Postby jmagill » Thu Jun 09, 2016 1:26 pm

I have a MAG250 set top box, and cannot get sound. can you help
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