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Market Guardamar Campo on Sunday

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Market Guardamar Campo on Sunday

Postby cerveza » Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:20 pm

If you enjoy it to have your nose been bitten off or your fruit and vegetables get pulled out of your hands and been treated like “shit” then I can recommend the following fruit and veg stand.
He is in the first row on your right hand side, so he faces the parking

Wanted to buy some grapes, tomato’s, a lettuce, few bananas and more
I put it all in bags and gave it to weigh and pay…

Then out of the blues that friendly owner pulled all the bags out of my hands, emptied them again and shouted at me: this is not mercadonna here, you buy kilo or not!!!

So if you are single I,recommend you to go next door…or the mercadonna!
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