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Pool problem help

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Pool problem help

Postby Denham » Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:25 pm

Hi can anyone please help?
Does anyone know where Jorge is from Jorge's pools Torevieca? We desperately need to get in touch with him and he seems to have vanished. All his contact numbers have a recorded message saying no number and he isn't replying to any emails or whats app messages . It is like he has just vanished! Someone must know where he is . Please help!
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Re: Pool problem help

Postby rogerwoodville » Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:17 pm

He has web site which gives his new location. I would not bother with chasing him because he is untrustworthy and does not respond to any correspondence. Despite him giving a fifteen year guarantee it is totally worthless. I pursued him in November last year to repair damaged tiles for a pool which was only two years old. He was very apologetic when I traced him but never responded to any further communications as to beginning the restoration work. I understand he has previous form of this nature In southern Spain . I had considered denouncing him with the authorities but the cost of legally pursuing a claim against him was not cost effective. I decided to hire a reputable builder I had used in the past to do the restoration work. I had even sought some assistance from the Spanish equivalent of the citizens advice which came to nought
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Re: Pool problem help

Postby bobspain » Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:25 am

I agree with the opinions about Jorge's Pools. I had one installed about 6 years ago and a couple of years later I had a problem with rust from the reinforcing bars showing through the grouting in a small area. I drained the pool to get them to come and look at it, which Jorge did eventually, but it turned out that his brother was siphoning off the work when I had mine installed and it wasn't actually Jorge who installed it. Because of this Jorge didn't really want to become involved, even though I had receipts and a guarantee with his company letterhead. He did send a guy around to fix the problem, after a fashion, but while the pool was drained loads of the grouting was starting to fall out. Jorge didn't want to know about that problem and, In the end, I had to have it regrouted by Mark Howells who did a good job.
As has already been said, your so called guarantee from Jorge's is a waste of paper.
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