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Re: Dongles

Postby Paul - TV Techie » Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:42 am

I want the dongle to run my iptv box
This is confusing.

You could need a wi fi antenna possibly - to connect to your internet, but the box itself does not have an antenna - something like this? ... rk:17:pf:0 simply to connect to wi fi.

As jpeg mentions above also, for those who have reasonable smartphones, there is an option to 'hotspot' this allows other devices to share the internet connection, so you can link a smartphone data connection (hotspot) to the IPTV box, working on the assumption that the IPTV box has either an internal or external antenna. Some boxes do not have wi fi adapters inbuilt (even nowdays), so it could be a wifi antenna you need - you can get them in any electronics retailer locally.

If you mean a 4G (mobile data) dongle, which is essentially a portable modem with a slot for a 4G mobile card (same as your phone), which you would only need if your smartphone couldn't do HOTSPOT. IN which case, something like this. ... =4g+dongle this will using a mobile sim, create a local mobile wi fi network, that you can share with other devices such as your IPTV.

HOWEVER - you may have not reviewed one important point. Data consumption. A film (single) can be over 1GB of data. So if you have 5GB of monthly data, you won't be watching much in a month, or not without a huge additional data bill. Not really viable economically for regular TV - emergency, but no contract will give you the amount of mobile data to watch TV as you usually would.

Ballpark internet consumption for IPTV / Netflix - careful with mobile data!

700MB per hour for SD video quality

3GB per hour for HD video quality
Paul - TV Techie
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Re: Dongles

Postby Potjoe » Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:28 pm

Paul is right you will use a lot just to get a little tv and at a big price.
Mifi are and put in a sim with just Dater only ,yes they do work I have one from Three in England which is unlocked so will take all sims take a look at Three website.
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