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Buses - Bus service from/to Quesada & Rojales

Re: Buses - Bus service from/to Quesada & Rojales

Postby scotfree » Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:35 pm

I am new to this area having previously lived north of Alicante where even some mountain villages have some kind of bus service,like Finestrat & La Nucia.One day I may actually see a vehicle that is a local bus although there are bus stops.Felt sorry last week for a young Spanish lady while I was at the arches waiting for a Rosa tour bus,who asked when there was a bus to Torrevieja.Maybe she is still standing waiting!This is the 21st.century & I believed(maybe foolishly) that Quesada was a young vibrant area but unless there are proper public services people like myself will want to throw in the towel & return to other more up to date places.This will possibly not be a comment that many on this forum agree with but I have lived in Spain since before this country joined the EU,saw abject poverty & then so much improvement afterwards,indeed I hear this from my Spanish relatives who are part of my family now.Is it because we British in this area are quite apathetic,shrug our shoulders & leave changes to the few who care about the place they life in?
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Re: Buses - Bus service from/to Quesada & Rojales

Postby benji » Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:31 pm

Maria, Scott has pasted the attached files above on Dec 12th.
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